The Maple Street Cinema is a popular entertainment destination for all ages. In addition to the latest blockbusters, this theater also shows classic and family-friendly movies. Snacks are always available at the vending machines, and on weekends, drinks are served in the lounge. 

Elders being adorable in bed.

The De La Garza morning routine…

4 Danvers Blvd., home of Carlos and Glennis De La Garza and their son, Pedro.

Carlos works at the garbage dump, and his wife Glennis is a homemaker. Their son Pedro goes to night school, and works as a dishwasher at a local restaurant during the day. Pedro isn’t sure what kind of career he wants, but thinks it will involve fixing things.

More from 1 Danvers Blvd

1 Danvers Blvd., home of roommates Hikaru Tatsuya and Paola Bardelli.

They have quite the love-hate relationship. Paola thinks Hikaru is immature, and Hikaru thinks Paola is uptight. As much as they can’t stand each other, the two are stuck together. Paola can’t afford to stay in the house on her income alone, and Hikaru can’t afford to rent any of the apartments in town. They must find common ground, or end up losing everything. 



By the way, Pedro’s story did not impress the judge. He lost the court case.